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Long Term Review (3 Years Plus)

SQ5 going strong after 3 years

Audi SQ5 Review

SQ5 I - (2014) | 3.0 TDI V6 (313 Hp) quattro Tiptronic

Car Owner Reviewer -
March 21, 2020, 1:17 p.m.
Reviewer's Score


Practicality and Comfort (8.0)
Performance and Handling (8.0)
Reliability and Running (8.0)
Looks and Style (8.0)
Features and Technology (8.0)
Model Avg. 8.6 Generation Avg. 8.5 Engine Avg. 8.5

The Review

Long Term Review (3 Years Plus) SUVs Audi SQ5 SQ5 I - (2014) 3.0 TDI V6 (313 Hp) quattro Tiptronic

A few niggles here and there, but overall not too many big bills for this car.


Overall I don't have many bad things to report back about the SQ5. It's been a solid drive for the 3 years that we have had it, and despite only being a 2014 car, its definitely had less issues than some of the other cars that I had in the past. Its a smooth drive, quick and relatively quiet when in comfort mode. For a diesel its got some big numbers in power 300bhp and over 500 torque, which feels good on the roads, albeit motorway cruising or tighter more windy roads.

Practicality and Comfort

We have now reached the 3 year mark since we picked up the used 2014 SQ5. We were the second owners for this car and picked it up from an Audi dealership with one years used warranty. Overall, the car has been pretty solid in terms of maintenance and we are yet to see any massive bills coming in. During the first year we had one big fault, which we took in to be fixed under warranty. Essentially what would happen is when we were driving, we would put stop at the lights and the gearbox would just disengage...The car would still be in drive, but when you accelerate, the car would rev like it was in neutral, until you put it back into park and then drive again. Sometime even had to switch the car off. This issue has come back after fixing, but only happens now and then. In terms of servicing, Its been surprisingly cheap each time. Always under £500, which compared to some of my other cars is very reasonable. Audi claim that you only need to service this car every 2 years, but you still do need to take it in annually for oil changes and other bits.. So I would say expect annual ish services. We changed the front brakes on the car (discs and pads) which cost around £900, which I was higher than expected and higher than the C63 AMG weirdly. The only other big bill so far has been full tire replacement which came in around £240 per tyre for the 21" Pirelli P Zeros, which sit nicely. Smaller running costs included some air con issues where it was making lots of noise but not really blowing any air out! That cost was under £150, so not a major deal. All the electronics work as expected and I can't say I have experienced any other oddities with the car so far. Its a smooth drive on the motorways and kicks down nicely with a surge of power from the 3.0 litre engine. The seats are comfortable for any length drive and the driving position is adjustable enough. You have a good range of options, but this one does not have the reverse camera, which is a tad annoying, but you can forgive because of the front and rear sensors. The steering is light when parking and heavier when on the road. There is not a huge amount of feedback from the wheels, but again, not the end of the world. Overall it really is an easy car to live with from all sides.

Performance and Handling

The SQ5 has a number of drive modes, which suit most driving styles. In efficiency mode, you get a good range for your cash in terms of diesel (over 400 miles to the tank). At the other end, you have Dynamic mode, which I guess is the equivalent of sport mode for most cars. For a relatively mid range SUV, Dynamic mode is a lot of fun. Switch it over and you immediately get fake but bassy rumble from the exhausts (yes it has a sound box). As much as I am anti-that, this car has the straight line pace to make that disappear somewhat, and I find myself giggling as how much torque it has as I overtake EVERYTHING in sight. Handling in Dynamic is also pretty tight (for an SUV or course), but could always be a bit tighter when the road gets really hairy. The quad exhausts at the back look great and fit well with the performance it has overall. You have to keep in mind that this is a diesel SUV, yet its still faster than most of its competitors and on par with the newer petrol SQ5 which is no easy accolade. So in terms of performance, its a thumbs up from me.

Would I recommend it? YES

I would have to say yes. For the price, what this car offers is excellent. A good balance of everything a good sized family SUV should be. You get the size, performance, economy and comfort all wrapped into a single car. I guess that's why there are so many on the road right now. Only gripe is with the new emissions tax on Diesel and higher diesel Central London parking prices. But that's not the SQ5's fault!! Again, a big thumbs up from me!

Audi SQ5

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