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Test Drives

C63 S Coupe delivers!

Mercedes-Benz C-class Review

C-class Coupe (C205, facelift 2018) | AMG C 63 S V8 (510 Hp) MCT

Car Owner Reviewer -
July 5, 2020, 7:43 a.m.
Reviewer's Score


Practicality and Comfort (7.6)
Performance and Handling (9.7)
Looks and Style (9.6)
Model Avg. 9.2 Generation Avg. 9.0 Engine Avg. 9.0

The Review

Test Drives Coupes Mercedes-Benz C-class C-class Coupe (C205, facelift 2018) AMG C 63 S V8 (510 Hp) MCT

This is something special. I knew that from the moment I hit the start button! Absolutely awesome!


If you have read my GLC 63 review posted before this one, you will know that I test drove this car just after driving a GLC 63 AMG, which left wondering what was the meaning of life going forwards, and was my love affair with the C class formula really over!

On the same day as I test drove the GLC, I came back to the showroom and asked if I could drive the C63 S coupe they had on the forecourt, just to see whether this was in fact the car I was looking for instead. I was definitely shopping for a 'C' something, just wasn't sure in what body (saloon, estate, coupe or SUV... convertible was the only one out of scope). So in the same format, the salesman handed me the keys to their 69 plate coupe and said off you go, see you when you get back... I was so confused at this point, although this is really how test drives should be! You get to drive and feel how it would be to own the car, without a salesman panicking beside you. Not saying I went mental, I really didn't, but I do feel like if I am buying a fast car that handles well, I want to ensure it does either of those as expected.

Roll on the 63 S coupe. From the moment I touched the accelerator, My frown disappeared! my smile entered from back stage! and the 5 year old kid took centre stage. And this was all before I had even done anything but poodle along a relatively busy lane. But things were just different here. I could feel it straight away. I hadn't outgrown the C formula! Not by a long shot, I just wasn't IN a C class on the GLC test drive...

Practicality and Comfort

From behind the steering wheel, this car gets a 10/10 every time from me. The driving position is very 'sport ready' you sit low in the performance seats, the steering wheel comes out to meet you and the pedals are positioned nicely for the slow/fast mix of driving we are forced to endure day to day. Very nice indeed. Unlike the GLC, I was able to get comfortable within seconds. Again, before you jump on me with the "but the GLC is a SUV" my Cayenne doesn't have the same problem as I sit in a relatively car like position in that also, with legs nicely stretched out and the steering wheel in the right place :).

In the C coupe, it is just a very nice place to be overall! Unless of course, you are in the back! where if you are any taller than me at 5ft 10", then you might want to call shotgun (front seat) where ever you have the option.The bench is quite high and the roof quite low, which is not the best combination. Coupled with not much leg room and this drops the score a little. But only a little, because this is a coupe and if you want back seat comfort, there are at least 3 other C AMG options that are just as good.

Performance and Handling

There are some cars, which post very big numbers when it comes to performance, but when you actually drive, it never materialises in real terms. The 63 S coupe, is really not one of those cars. From my short test drive, I believe everything posted about this car. Slow/medium/fast modes were all very good. I don't use the word 'experience' that often, but this was certainly that. At low speed you had a really nice rumble coming from the exhausts that actually made you want to drive a little slow, just to hear that. With every tap of the accelerator, the car comes to life and you get a mighty rumble, worthy of any V8... well done AMG! on the move, this car is fast, stable and sounds amazing. Again, being on a test drive, it was limited in what I could do, even on my own, I have a virtual saleman in the passenger seat, given its not my car. I could have easily driven this car for hours and would have had the same cheesy grin on my face the whole time. I even found myself shouting a few mild expletives with a coupe of right foot clicks, which the car responded to instantly and aggressively as I would have hoped!

Looks and Style

The C 63 S coupe is pretty, very pretty. It has just the right formula outside to score high in my books. Nice sloping roof line, wide arches, low and aggressive front and with the 19" black alloys, the car just looks ready fro anything. Inside is more of the same, especially as this one was the face lifted model, with the digital dash, new steering wheel and other shiny bits. I think the C Class looks good in any body type, so this will always score highly in my books.

Would I recommend it? YES

I could write loads here as to why I would recommend this car, but I would simply sum up with... "Just drive it, and don't forget your cheque book".

Mercedes-Benz C-class

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