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First Impressions (0-1 years)

Cayenne Diesel 4.1 V8

Porsche Cayenne Review

Cayenne II (facelift 2014) | S 4.1 diesel V8 (385 Hp) 4x4 Tiptronic

Car Owner Reviewer -
March 27, 2020, 5:59 p.m.
Reviewer's Score


Practicality and Comfort (9.0)
Performance and Handling (8.0)
Reliability and Running (6.5)
Looks and Style (9.0)
Features and Technology (6.0)
Model Avg. 8.3 Generation Avg. 8.1 Engine Avg. 8.1

The Review

First Impressions (0-1 years) SUVs Porsche Cayenne Cayenne II (facelift 2014) S 4.1 diesel V8 (385 Hp) 4x4 Tiptronic

As far as diesels go, the Cayenne S diesel is definitely one of the better ones.


After several failed attempts to buy an SQ7, which is what we really wanted, we decided to look elsewhere for our SQ5 family car replacement. Through process of elimination we ended up with the GLE 63 and the Cayenne. As much as we giggled like kids in the GLE, we decided to go with the Cayenne as it just seemed like a better all around car for us.

We are now a few months into owning our 2016 Cayenne S Diesel which is the 4.2 v8. So far it’s great. It’s a good size, it’s quick, it handles and you even get a bit of a burble from the exhaust. Definitely a good all around car! Have a few gripes which I will get into in the below section, but I think the Cayenne is a nice drive and a suitable family car in so many ways!

Practicality and Comfort

The Cayenne is a very practical car. It is pretty big. Similar size to the GLE, so bigger than the Macan, GLC, Q5 and all those SUV’s. You don’t really feel the size though which is a good thing. Inside there is tons of space, especially in terms of leg room and head room. Although if you have young kids, the back in a little tight for a middle person if you have two car seats. The back seats slide forwards and backward and have a little bit of a recline (not quite a moveable as the SQ7) which helps with space. The steering column is electronic and we have memory pack so it’s all very comfortable. The boot is a good size and we are able to fit a few suitcases, bags and buggy with no problem. It does have a few drive modes from comfort to sport to sport plus, with comfort being pretty smooth. So all around a good car in this category.

Performance and Handling

The Diesel S is pretty quick. It’s funny because it’s not much faster than the SQ5 on paper, but feels better on the road. Picks up speed very well and just keeps going. All the while, emitting a little V8 burble, which for a diesel is pretty good. I do have a little gripe with the steering. On the test drive it was annoying heavy when going slow and nicely heavy when going fast. After a few days it seemed to lose the nice weight at speed. Still not sure what happened there. Handling is as you would expect for a Porsche derived car. Sport and sport plus do make a difference so worth having. Again, a good show for this section.

Reliability and Running Costs

So far nothing much to report (weird steering issue aside). Wouldn’t expect many issues for for 3 ish year old Porsche so will keep an eye on this. Running costs are TBC too. Fuel wise I have seen the high 30s on the motorway and the low 20s in town. I have also seen £129 on the petrol pump when filling up from a quarter tank. Good for around 400 ish miles if driven nicely. Will report back on anything else I find.


To fully load a new Cayenne seems to run you into Bentayga money :) This is one area where I was surprised how many of the basics a Cayenne could come without! Heated wing mirrors! Is that still optional! Yes and we don’t have it. Same for reversing camera. NA too. Also don’t have android auto. Aside from that, we seem to have enough to get by. Although compared to the fully loaded GTS we checked out, with rear seat heaters, rear blinds, and all kinds of acronyms, we still have a way to go.

Would I recommend it? YES

Overall, I would still recommend this car for anyone looking for a larger family SUV, a fast and balanced SUV or just wants a V8 in an SUV. Of course also worth looking at GTS if you want a better sounding car for similar ish money.

Porsche Cayenne

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